Lisa Kittler of Conco Services Corporation

Living the high life after taking notes from father Dennis. While Dennis has reported to investors, from his Fossil Oil scam, he is broke! When in reality Dennis, Lisa and Sharon closed the doors to Fossil Oil because the gig was up. A single front can only last so long till the crooks have to close the doors and set up a new front. Lisa and Dennis hoped to close the doors to Fossil Oil early enough that they could still funnel some of the people they had scammed with Fossil Oil into the two new false companies, Jurassic Fuel Trading and Jurassic Salt Water Disposal.

Meanwhile Dennis has a new Jaguar and new Tahoe (that are visible) parked behind his gated home. Lisa Kittler is also doing quite well. Lisa has been taking some much needed time off for vacations to Thai Land, Party trips in Cabo San Lucas, and winter vacations in Breckenridge. Seems the Kittlers really think they are off the hook. Live it up Kittlers, you should after the millions of dollars you pocketed through money wire fraud, SEC fraud, money laundering and the list goes on....

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