Sharon Kittler

The loving wife that supports the man behind the scam. Working together to run a true Bernie Madoff level scam. Sharon took on the role of running the administrative side of their scams along with her daughter Lisa Kittler.

Dennis says he is retiring from the “oil patch” after decades of success. We are attempting to find a single success in his and his family’s decades of, apparent, lying, scheming and cheating people out of their money. There is, absolutely, no doubt that Dennis and his family have made millions, but it, appears, equally true, that their victims, primarily, the elderly, have lost millions!

Since kittler has had documented trouble finding oil in the ground in texas, he apparently, now claims that he can skim it from oil and gas well disposal water in texas. Yes, he is now in the salt water extraction business; well, not quite in the business yet, his website offers a scale model of what he intends to use his new investor’s money to build and complete. All based on, apparently, conjured speculation and mythical maybe math. However, kittler has a documented record for doing what benefits the kittlers and not much for those trusting him to do the right thing for his investors! The next paragraph will give you insight into how the kittlers’ view their investors and the investors’ right to know!

Lisa Kittler has done well in following her fathers foot steps, closely learning from her father Dennis Kittler, Lisa has become a star con artist at Fossil Oil Company. Lisa started her education at a young age, by joining her father in swindling people out of their hard earned money. Dennis is know for starting false front companies that promise high return on oil and gas investments like Jurassic Oil, Fossil Oil, Jurassic Salt Water Disposal and Jurassic Fuel Trading.

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