Lisa Kittler earns a valuable education

Lisa Kittler has done well in following her fathers foot steps, closely learning from her father Dennis Kittler, Lisa has become a star con artist at Fossil Oil Company. Lisa started her education at a young age, by joining her father in swindling people out of their hard earned money. Dennis is know for starting false front companies that promise high return on oil and gas investments like Jurassic Oil, Fossil Oil, Jurassic Salt Water Disposal and Jurassic Fuel Trading.

Lisa jumped at the opportunity to work with her father Dennis at Fossil Oil. At Fossil Oil Lisa carried a few titles including marketing and Finance manager were Lisa assisted her father with operating a massive investment fraud.

Lisa's education was at the University of Texas in San Antonio, earning a degree in Communications, Communication- Public Relations. Skills learned at the University of Texas insured that Lisa would become a key asset to helping her father build their fraudulent investment fronts and defraud hundreds if not thousands of investors.

These days Lisa has tried to follow a legal means of income working as a senior account manager at Conco Services Corp. Seems that the heat is on after the the con was exposed at Fossil Oil and it was best for her to find employment with a legitimate company. We will keep our eyes and ears out to catch Lisa Kittler in the next con daddy sets up, the money is just so much better when you are stealing it.

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