Jurassic SWD, LLC

On march 29, 2017, dennis kittler (75) created, jurassic salt water disposal (Swd), llc after 42 years of allegedly running oil and gas scams throughout the nation, and so began another alleged investment fraud scheme to be investigated and reported on. This time instead of charging, what many consider to be, extremely outrageous mark-ups, based on their miserable production records, dennis kittler, head of what some have suggested should have the motto of the “family that scams together, stays together”, a possible outgrowth kittler’s alleged claim to be a “christian businessman”, appears to have abandon his alleged fossil oil victims and is now promoting an interstate “investment skim”, literally! Since kittler has had documented trouble finding oil in the ground in texas, he apparently, now claims that he can skim it from oil and gas well disposal water in texas. Yes, he is now in the salt water extraction business; well, not quite in the business yet, his website offers a scale model of what he intends to use his new investor’s money to build and complete. All based on, apparently, conjured speculation and mythical maybe math. However, kittler has a documented record for doing what benefits the kittlers and not much for those trusting him to do the right thing for his investors! The next paragraph will give you insight into how the kittlers’ view their investors and the investors’ right to know! Dennis kittler was asked by several of his victims this past year; to simply provide proof he had ever had a successful well. He refused to provide any evidence that he had actual produced even a single viable well.in fact, his attorney, the dishonorable j. Randolph henderson, issued an ultimatum, that any attempt to have kittler provide any information regarding any area of his spending of investor funds, operation, drilling history, etc., etc., etc., would be met with ferocious litigation.

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