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Dennis R Kittler has taken Oil and Gas scamming to a new high.  Dennis learned early on that the best way he could show that he had a legitimate and honest business was to sell the good old American business image.

Dennis has entrusted his family member to assist him in building his false companies.  

The corrupt family consists of his wife Sharron Kittler, daughter Lisa Kittler, and brother Les Kittler.

After running into legal issues back in the 1980's, Dennis found that the bond and trust of his family would be his best course of action for his future and more elaborate scams.

Today, Dennis has set up shop with a few false fronts, all with grand sales pitches for high return and low risk 

Dennis is proud of his oil and gas well track record with few dry holes, problem is Dennis R Kittler has no track record with any successful oil and gas wells.

Dennis R Kittler and his family are a band of crooks taking any and every opportunity to get theirs

Fossil Oil Company

Jurassic SWD LLC

Jurassic Fuel Trading LLC

Selling fraudulent securities to investors

Defrauding investors on non existent Salt water Disposal facilities 

Defrauding investors with fuel trading oppertunities


Lisa Kittler

Sharon Kittler

Les Kittler

Rob Ogletree   (281) 658-3137

Cheryl Proctor

Lisa Kittler
Sharon Norsch Kittler
Les Kittler
Cheryl Proctor
Cheryl Proctor
Rob Ogletree
Rob Ogletree