The Kittler Crime Family



Dennis R. Kittler

Texas' biggest oil and gas scammer!

Dennis says, he is retiring from the “oil patch” after decades of success. We are attempting to find a single success in his and his family’s decades of, lying, scheming and cheating people out of their money. There is, absolutely, no doubt that Dennis and his family have made millions, but it, appears, equally true, that their victims, primarily, the elderly, have lost millions! Bankrupting and/or financially destroying the elderly, appears to be, the, real business that the Kittler Family is in. It is estimated that this family has destroyed hundreds, if not thousands, of families for the sole purpose of making money off their victim’s that had, unfortunately, placed their trust in the Kittler Family! It has all turned out to be a scam, according to the authorities we have spoken with.

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Office/Cell: (281) 687-5442

11107 Tupper Lake Drive
Houston, TX 77042